Travel In Rhodes

Rhodes is a large island – the largest in the entire Dodecanese chain in fact! – and it can be tricky trying to see the whole place on foot. Luckily, Rhodes has a fully established public transport network, plenty of car hire firms and taxis available too making travel in Rhodes easy!

Travel In Rhodes: How To Get Around

Like almost all visitors to Rhodes, chances are you will touch down at Diagoras International Airport. Pefkos itself is around 35 miles away from Rhodes City, which means it takes up to an hour to get there via airport transfer. This will set you back about £8 for a shuttle bus. Taxis can be much more expensive at roughly £66 per trip.

However, if this isn't your style, and you'd prefer hiring a car, you will find many major international car hire firms operating out of the airport. For a full list, please see our Car hire page.

Travel In Rhodes: Public Transport

The main form of travel in Rhodes, asides from cars, is busses. The principal bus terminal on the island is situated in Rhodes City. Rhodes City is located on the north of the island, but there are plenty of routes that travel to the west and east coasts. Villa Anna, and Pefkos itself, are located on Rhodes' east coast.

As with busses back in Britain, the prices of bus journeys on Rhodes will depend on how far you want to travel, however they won't cost you an arm and a leg. A bus from Rhodes City to Faliraki will cost around €2.20. Be warned however! Buses on Rhodes can get very busy. The best practice is to move down to the back of the carriage in order to let as many people on as possible.

Pefkos is located on a special bus line. To reach it, you will need to take the east coast line to Lindos and change there. Lindos is only a few minutes away from Pefkos, so the journey won't last long!

What About Taxis?

Another way to travel in Rhodes is via taxi. They can be easily spotted thanks to their dark blue colouring and white roofs. A list of expected taxi charges can be found at any handy Tourist Information Centre. There is a minimum charge of €4.00 for each journey, however. If you're travelling with your family, we would recommend car hire from one of the many companies operating on Rhodes.

Any Other Ways To Travel In Rhodes?

There are plenty of places to hire bicycles dotted around the island. What's more, there are many companies offering boat rental, such as Pefkos Waterfun. There are also firms that offer small aeroplane flights to the surrounding islands that make up the rest of the Dodecanese.

If you would like more information about the best ways to travel in Rhodes, please don't hesitate to contact us today by email at or via our dedicated contact page.

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