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The Cradle of Western Civilisation.

It was here, in the Ancient city of Athens, that Cleisthenes founded the ideas of democracy, ideas that are still in use around the world. It was from the city of Sparta that Leonidas marched against King Xerxes of Persia and made his infamous last stand in the passes of Thermopylae. It was on the nearby Greek island of Rhodes that the Colossus stood, and it was from here that Dinocrates, one of the most influential architects of the Hellenistic world and the driving force behind the founding of Alexandria, originated.

It was in Greece that hundreds of scientific, mathematical, philosophical and political advances were made, and it was Greece that enabled the Roman Empire to become the cultural entity that controlled most of the Western World. Both directly and indirectly, the influence of Greece can be seen across the globe.

Greece has been one of the most exciting experiences for holidaymakers, tourists and adventurers for generations. Its stunning landscape, breath-taking history and ancient culture are renowned across the world. Greece is unique for many reasons, but the huge variation in holidaying experiences makes it a place where no two adventures need ever be the same.

Greek Villa Holidays – An Experience You Will Never Forget

From the Parthenon to the beaches of Corfu, Greece remains one of the most versatile holiday destinations, no matter what you want to take away from your holiday. One thing that is certain, however, is that you will make the most out of your experience when you choose to holiday in a luxurious, authentic Greek Villa.

These buildings offer the simply tranquillity of traditional Grecian lifestyle, and are one of the few styles of building where it has been successfully combined with modern luxuries and technologies. When these are combined with easy transport links, and the incredible views that only Greece’s Mainland and the Dodecanese Islands can provide, these properties become something more than ‘villas’ – they become miniature Edens.

Luxury Accommodation In Greece

The Agora of Athens. The Old City of Rhodes. The Meteora. Knossos. The Acropolis of Lindos. Greece is overflowing with culturally and historically important landmarks. Greece is one of the top destinations on everyone’s bucket list, and it is the place where civilisation, as we understand it, began.

You could visit Greece ten times over and never manage to see all that you should. Whether you make your holiday to the Dodecanese or to the Mainland, you can be certain that you will leave Greece with the desire, if not the need, to return.

Rhodes, sitting just off the coast of Turkey, is one of the most stunning and, yet, uncommonly quiet areas of the world. With a history rivalling that of mainland Greece, Rome and ancient Babylon, the island of Rhodes is one of the most stunning components of the Aegean world.

Book your family holiday abroad to avoid dissapointment

For more information regarding the luxurious island of Rhodes and the stunning Grecian mainland, please browse this website. From the most romantic honeymoon to a relaxing family holiday, you are certain to find the experience you are looking for in the white-washed sands and sun-bleached stones of a Greek Villa Holiday. 

We’re convinced that renting a holiday villa is one of the best options. Villa Anna is suitable for families with children of all ages, and has a number of features that can help you and your family relax and unwind this summer:

•    1 master bedroom and 2 double bedrooms
•    2 fully equipped bathrooms
•    Spacious dining and leisure area
•    Open plan kitchen
•    Landscape garden
•    Outdoor seating area including ping pong table and BBQ
•    Infinity swimming pool
•    Fully air conditioned
•    Beautiful views of the sparkling Aegean Sea

Villa Anna is located close to Pefkos; a small yet popular seaside resort. Pefkos has plenty for you to see and do including some beautiful beaches, fantastic restaurants and taverns, water sports and much more.

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